A note about mirroring this site


  1. It looks like some pages here on this site are quite useful for many people, like some information about
  2. Most of the published information is not very old


  1. My site is full mirrored every day by some hosts in the internet
  2. This produces big log files and many traffic, which isn't really needed
  3. Looks like most of them use bad mirror algorithm, because they request all pages independend of the date of last change
  4. Because of sometimes frequently updating this site, some older (and switched off) mirrors are now out of date
  5. Other pages than the ones of the Linux directory are not very interesting for others around the whole world and don't need to mirror


Mirroring ftp.bieringer.de

There should be now enough mirrors around the world, look at following links for details: In addition, it contains less useful or outdated packages, which will be removed step-by-step!
Also, if an invalid e-mail address is used at mirroring, the access would be denied.

Mirroring www.bieringer.de

Is no longer supported


Thank you very much!

Peter Bieringer, 2011-11-104

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