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IPv6 & Linux - HowTo - Part 1

Version: 4.00 from 2011-10-19

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See now also Linux+IPv6-HOWTO [LDP] | Linux+IPv6-HOWTO [DS6]



What software is needed and available?

See the Deep Space 6 / Current Status of IPv6 Support for Networking Applications for details.

Where to get all the needed software?

Packages/applications, which are not described  in this HowTo, see Deep Space 6 / Current Status of IPv6 Support for Networking Applications in details.


Current Linux distributions are all IPv6 enabled, either by default or at least by config option - you can buy one on CDs/DVDs or download one from the Internet.

Installation decissions - Quick IPv6-enabling HowTo

Current Linux distributions are IPv6 enabled, therefore no longer this fat HowTo is needed to be is a decission matrix:

Type of host


{option1 | option2} means that you have to use one of this given options
<option3> means that you can use this option or not
fixcharname means most of the time programs (with options) or files on your LINUX system


If you have problems to get all the errors and warnings displayed on the small computer screen, then try piping stderr to a file:
Example: make zImage 2>err.txt
Now after end of the compilation you can look at this created file for errors and warnings.

List of links to IPv6 & Linux related information

First, a good starting point for other information:
And second now the new created Linux+IPv6-HOWTO [LDP] | Linux+IPv6-HOWTO [DS6]

World Wide Web

Join IPv6 backbone / How to get IPv6 addresses / Where to get a tunnel

See also Linux+IPv6-HOWTO [LDP] | Linux+IPv6-HOWTO [DS6]

URL Organisation/
Location Type IPv6 subnet
IPv6 address  Reverse delegation How to use with
current setup
scripts Freenet6
IPv6-in-IPv4 point-to-point only (anonymous)
depends on current 
local IPv4 address

IPv6-in-IPv4 point-to-point only
(authentication required using special client software)
static assigned

normal IPv6-in-IPv4 
(authentication required using special client software)
yes (/48)
static assigned
in progress
  Freenet6-example Hurricane Electric
US backbone
normal IPv6-in-IPv4 possible (/64)

6to4 relay tunnel routers

Online test tools

See Linux+IPv6-HOWTO/Online Test Tools [LDP] | Linux+IPv6-HOWTO/Online Test Tools [DS6]


See Linux+IPv6-HOWTO/Maillists [LDP] | Linux+IPv6-HOWTO/Maillists [DS6]

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