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IPv6 & Linux - Current Status - Additions

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Socket converters

shimlib Dynamic link libary which enables IPv4 only applications for IPv6 Flavio Villanustre
<flavio at geminis dot myip dot org>
(Linux port)
Source (via IPv4):
Source (via IPv6):
Usage e.g.:
LD_PRELOAD=./ wget --proxy=off
Note: currently only working with glibc-2.2


libpnet6 Powerful library for writing cross-platform network applications Peter Bozarov <peter at bozz dot demon dot nl> URL:

Perl Libraries

Net::IP Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses
check validity of IPv6 addresses


Tunnel brokers

A list of current tunnel brokers you will find here:  IPv6-HOWTO/ListOfLinks


Firewall tools fwtk 2.1 (firewall toolkit)


JIPSY - IPv6 for Java

 Matthew Flanagan


SRP (secure remote password protocol)


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